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How Remodeling Outdoor Features Will Benefit You

Many outdoor remodeling projects are completely worth the time and effort they take. Curb appeal is a word that is often brought up when you start remodeling the exterior features of your home. Whether you as a homeowner are coming home from work, you have guests over to your house, or you are trying to find a buyer for your home, the first thing people notice is how your home looks from the outside. So let us go through the ways you can improve your home’s value and appeal by remodeling its outdoor features.

1. Landscape Upgrade: Seed Lawn

While seeding a lawn does not necessarily have to be a big project, the value you recover from this project is extremely impressive: 417%. You need at least 1,000 square feet of lawn to recover this much value; smaller lawns’ recoupment value will be less. But if you have at least 1,000 square feet available for a lawn, it is almost a no-brainer to lay seeds. It will make your home and your garden more appealing, and you will also gain back much of the money you initially spent.

2. Standard Lawn Care Program

A standard lawn care program means applying fertilizers six times and also conducting weed control. Generally, you will recover 303% of the value from this project, if your lawn is 5,000 square feet big or bigger. With smaller lawns, you will still recoup more than you initially invested, but the percentage may be lower. Having a good-looking lawn will add more personality to your home and also make your home seem more inviting. In fact, 75% of homeowners who have completed this project have a greater desire to be at home.

3. Landscape Upgrade: Sod Lawn

A sod lawn, in contrast to a seed lawn, is a lawn that gets rolled out. The grown grass is part of rolls of dirt that you spread out onto the ground. This essentially gives you an instant lawn, once all the prep work is completed. You only need 1,000 square feet of sod lawn to gain substantial financial benefits: you will recover 143% of the value of your project. And in addition, you will have a new lawn to enjoy as well.

4. New Wood Deck

Later on we will be talking about a patio, so to avoid confusion, here are the key differences between a deck and a patio: Patios are outdoor spaces that are placed directly on the ground and are often made with concrete bases. Other frequently used materials for patios are stone, tile, pavers, and brick. Decks, in contrast, are usually made with wood or vinyl. They are not placed directly on the ground, and can even be added on an upper level floor of the home. Decks also most often have railing around them, which patios do not. Finally, decks are usually built to provide homeowners with a good view of their surroundings.

Wood decks are most often built to improve a home’s features and its livability, and to increase the home’s appeal. In addition to these benefits, you will recover 106% of the value of making a new wood deck. So you will enjoy the deck while you live at your home, all the while increasing your home’s value for when you want to sell.

5. Overall landscape upgrade

Upgrading your landscaping generally may seem like a big and daunting task. But the benefits are overwhelmingly favorable. Not only will you recoup 105% of the project’s value, but you will also enjoy your garden and home so much more. When we talk about an overall landscape upgrade, here are some things that fall under that: installing a front walkway, adding shrubs and trees, adding stone planters, and putting in mulch with landscaping bark. The options are endless. Completing this project will greatly improve your home’s livability, and also increase the enjoyment you feel when being at home.

6. New Patio

A new patio rates similarly to an overall landscape upgrade in terms of how much value can be recovered. The amount that can be recouped with a new patio is an impressive 102%. Outdoor patios, especially in climates in places like Los Angeles, are popular spots to enjoy a meal, spend time with friends and families, and listen to the sounds of your back garden. If your patio is worn out and unsightly, this enjoyment factor will be very low. Since a new patio will eventually more than pay for itself, do not hesitate if you are considering this remodeling project.

7. Landscape Upgrade: Softscape

The term softscape refers to all living elements of a landscape design. So simply put, when you are speaking of softscape, you are really talking about plants. There are also hardscape elements, which consist of pergolas, brick walkways, stone walls, and tile patios. But we are talking about softscapes and how upgrading these will benefit you. A usual softscape upgrade, which includes such things as adding new trees, shrubs, perennials, natural edging, and boulder accents, will recover 100% of its value. Adding plants to your home environment will therefore not only make your living space more enjoyable, comfortable, and healthy, but also benefit you financially as well.

Source for all numbers and stats: “2016 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features.” National Association of REALTORS Research Department.

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