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Popular Bathroom Design Trends

1. Enhance the bathroom you have

Generally, homeowners are deciding more often to enhance the bathrooms they already have, and not to add more bathrooms. The top popular bathroom products and design features include those that are meant to last over decades: for homeowners who wish to stay in their home and are preparing for the future when they may not be as mobile and flexible. These features include: doorless showers, adaptable or universal design, stall showers only, and large walk-in showers. Another category within bathroom design that is very popular involves luxury features. This category consists of radiant heated floors, water-saving toilets and faucets, and upscale, luxurious showers.

2. More color

Classical color choices, such as white and gray, are still popular choices. But many homeowners, especially younger ones, are interested in having more color. When it comes to adding color in the bathroom, blue, violet, and purple hues are most popular. Items that are easily replaceable, such the backsplash, island, mirror frame, and cabinet doors can be used to experiment with color and perhaps even change up the color scheme from time to time. This way, you do not have to commit to one color throughout the whole bathroom, but rather use color as an accent for the space. Additionally, colorful tile has also become a popular way to add pops of color in the bathroom and other rooms as well. So if you want to make your bathroom more interesting, use a bold color, sheen, or shape for your tile.

3. Showers, showers, showers

Tubs are not as sought-after as they used to be. And most people take showers over baths anyway. So instead of having a tub, many homeowners are now deciding to have a bigger and better shower. And since the shower is now bigger, there is also more space for customized embellishments, such as storage niches or unique tile styles and sizes.

4. Safety is priority

More and more, homeowners are considering safety issues when it comes to designing and remodeling their bathrooms. No-threshold showers have become very popular, eliminated the risk of tripping. For elderly homeowners, showers with integrated seats are in high demand. Adding lighting in the shower is also becoming more popular. Recessed, waterproof lighting is the way to go there. These safety features not only make the bathroom safer, but also more comfortable for most homeowners.

5. Wood for the cabinets

When it comes to storage cabinets or linen storage spaces in the bathroom, wood is the most popular material to use. Homeowners like the classic and elegant look wood has, and these days, wooden vanities and cabinets are available in great variety.

6. Ceramic and laminate flooring

Ceramic is still the most dominant and popular flooring type for bathrooms. But many are also using high-quality laminate, which is seeing a rise in popularity. Both come in many different styles and colors, and designers and homeowners alike love the option variety. Laminate generally is still the more budget-friendly option, however.


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