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Design trends for 2017

From an increase in using technology when designing, mixing up styles and colors, and having more light all over, we will take a look at some of the most popular trends in 2017 when it comes to remodeling homes.

1. Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan seems to be just as popular as it has ever been. These floor plans include clean lines and large windows, with the goal of letting as much natural light in as possible. Homeowners really like the feeling of having connected spaces that allow visibility and interaction from room to room. And this trend does not only apply to the interior, but to the exterior as well. Large sliding doors are key here to connecting the indoor to the outdoor space, so that one flows seamlessly into the other. This trend known as the indoor/outdoor living trend, has seen a 61% increase in the number of homeowners who want the indoors and outdoors to be connected.

2. More Light

Homeowners are investing more and more money into lighting fixtures. In 2017, lights are not just seen as functional items, but also as décor for the room. Often, the lighting fixture is even the focal point within a room. LED lights remain very popular since they have a high brightness level combined with great energy efficiency. They are also very versatile in color and shape, and can be tucked away in the tiniest places, thus adding more light to the room.

3. Smart Windows

Technology is finding its way into every part of the home, including into windows. With new technology systems, even large windows that are difficult to move can be opened and closed without any effort, and only need a press of a button. This trend is especially popular among millennials who want everything digital, and also to older generations who no longer have the strength and mobility to open larger windows. Technology can also help to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Monitoring systems can communicate to the homeowner when windows are open or closed, locked or unlocked. Opened windows let cold air out if you are running your AC, and likewise let warm air out if you are heating your home. So keeping windows closed in these situations will significantly decrease your energy bill. Forgetting if you opened or closed a window is something of the past, now you can get a notification from your monitoring system and either manually close the window or do so remotely.

4. Mix It Up

Traditionally, you were supposed to use the same type of metal and finish when it came to fixtures and hardware in your rooms. Not so anymore! Now, mixing brass with silver with gold and so on has become increasingly popular. Darker metals and finishes have become more sought-after as well, such as trendy black stainless steel. This way, you do not have to worry if you cannot find a matching replacement for a fixture. It is now totally fine to mix and match.

5. Contemporary Design for Windows

A preference for a contemporary style when it comes to windows is becoming more popular. What is meant by contemporary style is a harmony between the window and the exterior surroundings. This means having warm colors, thin profiles, and clean lines. This way, the window can blend in with its environment, which is the ultimate goal of contemporary design.

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