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Flooring Trends 2017

Here we take a look at the most popular flooring trends for 2017.

1. More Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been seen as a bit more luxurious, because it costs more initially to install. However, hardwood is much more durable than other types of flooring, so it is overall a good long-term investment. Bigger plank widths, bolder color and finishing options have become more popular when it comes to wood flooring. And currently, hardwood flooring comes in so many styles that you are sure to find one that works for you. Additionally, floor-heating systems with hardwood flooring have become more desirable in cities with colder climates.

2. More Luxury Vinyl

This is the fastest growing category in flooring. There have been many improvements in both performance and design, which has made luxury vinyl tiles and planks very popular. Also worth to mention is rigid core. Vinyl with rigid core consists of thick, sturdy planks that have a rigid composite core. They can be installed using a simple locking technology. Rigid core products are big competitors to traditional luxury vinyl tiles, because they offer better performance and increasingly lower prices. In general, there are many more options when it comes to luxury vinyl, whether it be different looks and styles, easy installation options, and waterproof features, thus making it possible to choose a visual look that fits perfectly to you and your room.

3. Laminate Declining

Laminate’s big weakness is moisture, which is why some new products are advertising spill-resistant features. This alone will probably not make it competitive with the luxury vinyl tile market, however. Some considerations have gone towards using laminate on walls to increase their competitiveness. And even though manufacturers have jumped on this opportunity, retailers are still unsure how to properly install and display laminate on walls. Perhaps we will know the answer in a few years to come. But what stays true all the same is that laminate is very easy to install. It can be bought and installed at a low price, which still makes it a very affordable option, and also friendly for DIY projects.

4. More Ceramics

Small ceramic styles no longer dominate the market. Rather, large-format ceramic (usually rectangles that are 12 x 24 inches or even larger) are now in high demand. Even tiles as big as 5 feet wide are starting to find there way into homes. For a time, a wood-look in terms of style was very popular for ceramics, but that trend is seeing a decline recently. What is rising in popularity, however, is the desire for patterns in the ceramic tiles themselves, and also in how they are installed. Due to this trend, subway tiles remain popular, since they are white and offer a clear linear design. Additionally, stone and marble are also in higher demand. With current technology, you can get a very realistic marble look in ceramic tiles, without having to pay the high price for actual marble.

For more information on current design trends, check out our articles on design located under the “Blog” tab.


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