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Design Trends for 2018

Now that we’re well on our way into 2018, it’s time to see what design trends will take hold this year. Take a look at our list to find out!

1. Stations for chopping and baking For those who cook a lot, you know that standing in the kitchen for many hours and chopping, rolling, and kneading, will leave you tired. That’s why lower counter-tops become more ideal and turn into designated cooking and baking stations.

2. Matte finishes Last year, shiny materials such as satin brass were taking over in the kitchens and bathrooms. But this year, matte finishes are trending, so look to use black matte finishes in your bathroom or kitchen to make a statement.

3. More color When you think of kitchens, you’ll most likely think of white. And white does remain a popular and classic design option for kitchens. However, this year there’s going to be a rise in the use of color in kitchens, mostly grays and blues. Warm tones are also becoming increasingly popular, as many are going for natural warm wood colors.

4. Antibacterial materials Some counter tops have a natural antibacterial quality (check out our blog article on counter top materials for further information). Some materials are able to do photo-catalysis, which means that the material has a semiconductor that enhances its reaction to light, thus killing bacteria and breaking up pollutants.

5. Tables for dining inside the kitchen Gone are the days of eating your family meals at the kitchen island or a separate room. In 2018, more people are opting for a classic dining table in the kitchen to share meals.

6. Glass instead of curtains Glass dividers and doors are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms. So instead of having a shower curtain, glass shower panels are now getting installed with increasing frequency. These keep sometimes small bathrooms more open and let more light into the showering area.

5.Closed space floor plan Open floor plans are not for everyone, which is why semi-closed spaces are now becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes a half-wall of cabinets, or a half-wall are placed between to adjoining rooms to create some separation between the two.

8. Hidden range hoods Sometime you want to make a statement with your range hood, but sometimes you also just want to keep it hidden and out of sight. Now, you can place your range hood behind and inside your cabinetry to give your kitchen a consistent look.

9. Trough or bucket sinks With a trough or bucket sink, you can really let your sink stand out as more of a stand-alone piece, rather than being part of a large counter-top. These types of sinks give your space a modern farmhouse style, and are great for laundry rooms and kids bathrooms.

10. Broom closets You want to keep your home clean and tidy, without letting people know how exactly you do it, and where you keep all your cleaning supplies stored. That’s why slim spaces are now being turned into broom closets to keep your brooms and mops out of sight, and also organized in a specified space.

11. Mixing up sink materials Instead of white or stainless steel sinks, other sink materials are becoming more popular, such as concrete, stone, copper, and granite. These often are chosen in hues of gray, bronze, or black, to make an impression.

Source: trends-expected- to-take- hold-in- 2018

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